How Jack Archer decreased CPA by 20% with FERMÀT custom shopping experiences

Decrease in overall CPA
Decrease in Black Friday CPA
Increase in AOV

Learn how Jack Archer supercharged their conversion rate and cut customer acquisition costs by making it easier for customers to buy the clothing they love.

“The FERMÀT team brings best-in-class strategies to optimize our conversion rate. The performance speakes for itself - we're seeing FERMÀT shops and landing pages outperform PDPs." ­- Dov Quint, Storefronts Lead at OpenStore


Jack Archer is a popular men’s clothing brand, offering apparel that’s smart enough for a business meeting and comfortable enough for travel. The line’s four products—the Jetsetter Pants, Legacy Jacket, Anytime Tee, and Boxer Briefs—are made from performance fabrics that look polished, keep their shape, and fit perfectly.

Jack Archer is now a part of the OpenStore portfolio, after an acquisition in 2022. OpenStore is reimagining the future of e-commerce by giving consumers a brand-new way to discover products, and e-commerce entrepreneurs a simpler way to sell their businesses.


Jack Archer wanted a shopping experience as streamlined as their products

With an ultra-selective catalog of just four products, the Jack Archer brand centers on simplicity. They're known for long-lasting quality basics, not impulse shopping and product drops.

That’s why OpenStore emphasized simplicity in Jack Archer’s strategy. While they conducted basic price testing, they kept offerings consistent and did little experimentation otherwise. But Dov Quint, Storefronts Lead at OpenStore, saw plenty of opportunities to change that. “Even with our minimal product line, our clothing comes with many variants, like color and sizing,” he explains. “We knew if we simplified those choices for our customers, they’d keep coming back.”

Dov wanted to create a purchasing journey as streamlined as the clothes themselves. He had big goals for Jack Archer: increase average order value, decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC), improve landing page performance, and more, all in a short amount of time. He knew FERMÀT had the expertise to build dynamic, customized shopping experiences, even for a super-simple suite of products.

“Clothing is a highly personal purchase, and every shopper has different needs. By highlighting each product’s unique benefits and variations, FERMÀT makes it easier for the customer to buy.” - Dov Quint, Storefronts Lead at OpenStore


FERMÀT optimized the buying journey to remove friction and make shoppers’ lives easier

Going into the partnership, Dov had a clear goal: decrease CAC by 20%. With the right optimizations, FERMÀT knew they could get there by reducing shoppers’ decision fatigue, therefore streamlining the buying journey.

In less than two weeks, Jack Archer was onboarded with FERMÀT. Then FERMÀT’s team took the lead, rapidly implementing experiments designed to drive conversions and decrease CAC.

Over the next few weeks, FERMÀT implemented winning optimizations like:

  • Custom product images and banners, highlighting key benefits and value propositions
  • Strategic size chart placement and custom variant selectors, making it easier for shoppers to choose size and color
  • Custom add-to-cart upsell modules, in conjunction with bundle discount

Together, the optimizations made it easier for customers to browse, select the right product, and make their purchases. 

“FERMÀT offers a very proactive, hands-on service component. The team came in, drove optimizations, and made specific changes that improved our performance." - Dov Quint, Storefronts Lead at OpenStore


Jack Archer streamlined their buying journey and decreased CPA by 20%

FERMÀT’s rapid experimentation was successful, exceeding OpenStore's expectations. Within weeks, the upsells and optimizations helped Jack Archer surpass its goal. By creating a more streamlined, intuitive shopping experience, the brand boosted conversions while simultaneously lowering acquisition costs. 

Here’s a snapshot of Jack Archer’s results: 

  • Decreased CPA by 20%, exceeding KPI
  • Decreased Black Friday CPA by 50%
  • Increased AOV by ~40%, from $89 to $122

Moving forward, Dov plans to scale FERMÀT into other shop types across OpenStore’s brands. “We’ve already moved on from traditional grid and video shops to custom landing pages and advertorials,” he says. “We’ll keep dedicating resources to experimenting, and making them part of our overall strategy.” 

“For a company like OpenStore, with nearly 50 brands, FERMÀT’s ease of use is huge. We can spin up a landing page ourselves in 5-10 minutes, without needing design or development skills. FERMÀT just fits into our business model really well.” - Dov Quint, Storefronts Lead at OpenStore