How Performance-Marketing Agency Volt Increased Client Return on Ad Spend +25%

Increase in ROAS
Conversion Lift
Decrease in CPA

Learn how Volt, a boutique performance marketing agency specializing in growing DTC businesses, partners with FERMÀT to enhance their client-facing offerings and boost clients’ high-performing paid social content.

  • 25%+ increase in ROAS
  • 3.5% conversion rate lift
  • $5 decrease in CPA
“If a brand leverages influencer content of any kind, FERMÁT amplifies this creator-brand connection and reduces friction for customers better than any tool I’ve encountered. The drastic improvement in CPA speaks for itself.” –Ryan Waranauskas, Founder & CEO at Volt



Since 2018, Volt’s influencer whitelisting (aka allowlisting) service has been the best-kept growth secret of DTC brands like DIME Beauty, Care/of Vitamins, Dermaclara, and Allbirds. Volt’steam partners with FERMÀT to generate results for their client brands looking to create a frictionless path to customer conversion.


Volt’s DTC clients needed to streamline customer purchasing journeys 

Before FERMÀT, Volt’s path to purchase pipeline for potential customers interacting with their influencer content was hitting a snag: influencer ads directed traffic to a landing page, which would then take potential customers to the purchase point.

This extra friction was a pain point for both customers and Volt’s clients, and Volt founder and CEO Ryan Waranauskas began searching for a solution, one that would enable customers to purchase products straight from a shoppable video without the pain points his team was constantly encountering.


“The FERMÀT team had heard of us and we realized that we had a lot of complimentary brands and could grow together. Our team thought that if we could make our ads more efficient and more directly tied to what the influencer is saying, we could drive better results.” –Ryan Waranauskas



FERMÀT helped Volt optimize high-performing influencer content 

When Volt onboarded with FERMÀT, Ryan was thrilled to see we offered the frictionless solution he had been searching for – especially for clients like Dermaclara that really wanted to focus their marketing efforts on influencer videos. Dermaclara’s account manager Andrea Torres was also thrilled; she was eager to A/B test new influencer launches almost immediately and knew that FERMÀT links would take her results even further.

“When we first got the opportunity to leverage FERMÀT links, we wanted to immediately leverage that on our top performers and then expand into new videos. It was really exciting.” –Andrea Torres

From there, FERMÀT links played a crucial part in determining which high-performing content would drive the best results for Dermaclara. Through trial, error and metric tracking, Andrea determined the best way to launch influencers on Dermaclara’s behalf – and how to further optimize the impact that FERMÀT’s links drive.

“Typically, when we launch an influencer, we like to test their content with slight variations. Being able to do that with the FERMÀT links helps us optimize our content and further amplifies our testing. ” –Andrea Torres



FERMÀT powers Volt’s ability to drive influencer results across its client roster – increasing ROAS by over 25%

Before FERMÀT, Volt was launching a variety of incredibly successful influencers – but with FERMÀT, that success is even more amplified.

“I can launch any influencer on any account with the confidence that their videos are going to be top performers thanks to FERMÀT. It’s pretty sweet to utilize those links with confidence they’re going to have a positive impact.” –Andrea Torres

Here are some key metrics showing how FERMÀT’s frictionless path to purchase positively impacted Dermaclara’s performance.

  • 25%+ increase in ROAS
  • 3.5% conversion lift
  • $5 decrease in CPA

Looking forward, Andrea and Ryan both view FERMÀT as a key partner in Volt’s ongoing success – because, says Ryan, there’s a marked difference in campaign performance before and after.

“The results speak for themselves. We’re doing significantly more for our clients now, after FERMÀT versus before FERMÀT. It’s a token to the platform and how good it’s been to our brands.” - Ryan Waranauskas