Rapid experiments to enable business-critical insights

DTC e-commerce success relies on the velocity of learning and improving the customer journey. Most teams have great ideas, but get stuck on execution due to developer dependencies. FERMAT enables your team to run meaningful experiments, fast.

Actionable results from a fraction of the effort

Experiments that matter

FERMAT enables experiments that you care about. What works better 15% or 10% intro offer? Do customers respond to free gift with purchase? Can we increase AOV by increasing our free shipping threshold?

Speed of learning

If it takes you a month to launch an experiment, you’ll never be able to move quickly enough to win. Brands consistently run 10s of experiments per month using FERMAT.

Accurate data

FERMAT automatically syncs data from ad networks and on-site sessions. It’s easy to digest this information split by experiment and time range. You don’t need a data science degree to get clear answers.

Insights history

Quickly review past experiments to train new team members, remind executives of past work, and highlight the impact of your CRO team.