Concept to copy in seconds.

Too often writers block turns into progress blocked. You have 10 ideas of different messaging you want to try, but can’t find the time to put pen to paper. We get it. FERMÀT’s Deep integrations with OpenAI and major e-commerce backends like Shopify allow our Ghostwriter to do 95% of the content creation work for you.

AI content generation — A game changer for social media managers.

Let AI do the work

FERMAT uses data from your product descriptions, e-commerce backend, and other sources to supercharge your content generation flows.

Rapid concept testing

Longform content is great for engagement, but time intensive to produce. Easily create 300-800 word blog posts with minimal creative input. Test these on social networks and measure engagement based on clicks and purchases

Shop-able by default

Ideas on FERMAT go from concept to deployed, shop-able content in minutes. All without involving a developer.

Get time back

You have enough on your plate. FERMAT gives you time back by removing the most time intensive tasks