FERMÀT Mid-year Update (2023): A new era for full-funnel testing

On top of our core offering of content-native landing experiences for ads, meeting that mission means supporting our users through every shift in the landscape, from Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 privacy updates to random issues and bugs due to the Meta ad manager.

In the last few months of Q2, we’ve especially zeroed in on how online brands can ensure maximum possible efficiency of paid social acquisition — all thanks to excellent full-funnel testing using FERMÀT.

Let’s dive into where we’ve been, how we’re growing, and what you can expect next...

The biggest challenge for brands: testing

At FERMÀT, we see too many brands whose performance is limited because their testing processes aren’t quite dialed in yet. More specifically, the tests they run are either too infrequent or limited in their approaches. They can even fall into the trap of rate limiting.
Here’s an example:

  • Marketing teams often start off with creative testing. However, they drive every piece of creative to a PDP, collection page, or, in some cases, just their homepage.
  • This is tough because a piece of creative can be amazing — but if the PDP is not coherent with that creative, you’ll lose every prospect after they click

Knowing this, why do most brands run fewer, less diverse tests than necessary?
In nearly every case, it comes down to two things:

  1. They are unable to generate landing experiences quickly enough.
  2. They don’t have easy access to the necessary data to understand the complete post-click, full-funnel impact.

So, the FERMÀT team put our heads down during Q2 to answer: “How can we set up automation and visibility around vital full-funnel data?”

How FERMÀT streamlines testing to unlock richer insights

If you’ve been struggling to uplevel your brand’s testing for speed and comprehensiveness, you’ll be happy to hear that the FERMÀT platform was engineered just for you.

  1. Automate: We automate the generation of a landing experience based on the creative of the specific ad — making the speed of test set-up extremely fast.
  1. Show both in platform: On top of every campaign having its own landing experience, we also show both in-platform and in-shop data to provide a full-funnel picture of your test.
  1. Run tests: FERMÀT users can run concurrent discounting tests, shipping tests, gifting tests, article tests, and more — with these comprehensive insights, you can optimize conversion rates across your user’s shopping journey.

Put simply, this approach would not be feasible if run on a basic eCommerce website. As a result, FERMÀT’s community of brands can test frequently and seamlessly. They gain rich insights that ultimately contribute to our mission: maximizing conversions and online growth for brands.

Automating how you test and optimize landing pages

Following the theme of upleveling eCom testing, FERMÀT is already building automated, intelligent landing-experience deployment and testing for our brand customers.

While standard development cycles are in full swing, users can already enjoy auto-optimization of storefronts and expect a full release to come within six months!

Here’s a sneak peek at how it’ll work:

  1. Create your storefronts in FERMÀT. Set them up as ad campaigns per usual.
  2. Based on the parameters you set, FERMÀT will automatically generate the landing experience and (once it goes live) will start to auto-optimize.
  3. FERMÀT reports back on key findings (i.e. “Here’s the best way to run your post-click experience as well as the creative that works best alongside it”).

You can expect the same impressive degree of data hygiene and eye-opening testing from FERMÀT — with none of the standard lift.

Keeping FERMÀT easy to use for all brands

As we continue into Q3, our team here at FERMÀT has three priorities on our minds.

Priority #1: Making FERMÀT work for all brands, regardless of size

FERMÀT is thrilled to be working with a greater array of eCom brands than ever. In the last month alone, our user base has expanded to welcome several larger, enterprise-level teams to our community of SMBs and mid-market clients. (Keep an eye out for those case studies to come!) This variance will only grow the entire FERMÀT network’s knowledge base, especially around the complexities of effective testing.

For instance, from day one of the sales process, the team at Dermaclara was amped to envision and strategize new ways to leverage FERMÀT to improve sales. We’ll be stretching beyond our bread-and-butter of social, search, and in-article experiences — and we’re excited to report back soon with more learnings and recommendations for the FERMÀT community.

If you’re a brand founder or operator who believes FERMÀT technologies can help you — especially if in a unique manner that we haven’t covered here — please reach out!

Priority #2: Ensuring every client maximizes their ROI

As any B2B team can tell you, account management is permanently top-of-mind. How do we ensure every FERMÀT customer sees incremental benefits from both our platform and partnership? After all, driving ROI for FERMÀT’s network must go beyond our core tech.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to help brands track the best new tools and offerings for acquisition across an ever-evolving marketing landscape. For instance:

  • How do Apple’s updates continue to impact what data is trackable vs. what is not?
  • Meta continues to be one of the fastest evolving platforms for advertisers. Which new tools are worth the investment?
  • From a high-level industry perspective, if you follow (at minimum) changes by Apple and Meta, your brand is in a good spot to identify the best new acquisition tooling.

These are the kinds of insights we constantly track, identify, and gather for FERMÀT’s brand community.

Priority #3: Bringing FERMÀT’s team to new continents

We’re thrilled to say FERMÀT’s impressive growth and financial health means we’ll be adding more members to the family. Over the following months, we’ll be especially focused on hiring internationally. After all, it’s no secret that scaling hiring has been challenging in the U.S., in terms of both availability and cost. By opening our aperture beyond the States, we’re seeing meaningful growth in the talent pool.

If the FERMÀT mission sounds like it’s right up your alley, connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on openings!