Unlocking Efficient Revenue Streams

At FERMÀT, we understand that maintaining and optimizing your revenue streams can be a daunting task. That’s why our team is devoted to finding innovative ways to help you succeed — just ask Hero Bread™. Through extensive work with this partner, we’ve developed strategies for maximizing their profits faster than ever before.

Hero Bread™ wanted to make sure they got the best ROAS on their ad spend and knew that teaming up with an influencer was a great way to do it. Taking things one step further, Hero Bread™ personalized content ads by whitelisting them and linking FERMÀT storefronts directly — creating a unique, content-native shopping experience. This expert curation drove consumers to buy with one seamless click. See what their Sr. Director of Ecommerce had to say about the results below:

“I cannot understate how impactful the momentum generated from the FERMÀT sales channel has been for our business — we are consistently seeing consumers opt for our bundle & higher price point SKUs when shopping through the FERMÀT experience relative to our DTC site.” — Christina Blaisdell Oyler, Sr Director of Ecommerce at Hero Bread

A star on the rise, Hero Bread™ has skyrocketed in just one short year. From a small business to a multi-million dollar enterprise, their success is hard to ignore — and this is just the beginning of our partnership.

Our CEO, Rishabh sat down for a live webinar with their Director of Commerce to dish about the company’s rise to success. Tune in here for tips and insights on how they saw massive brand growth.

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