Now your agency has superpowers

Running a marketing agency is like juggling 13 flaming batons. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. FERMAT allows you to focus on what’s important while delivering outsized results for your clients.

Make it easy for customers to buy what they love.

Easily craft client deliverables

Spending more time in google sheets and slides than you care to admit? FERMAT-powered default and custom dashboards make polished deliverables a screenshot or download away.

Wholistic, custom reporting

Stop exporting data from TikTok, Meta, Google ads, and countless other sources. You don’t need csv’s or Excel anymore. FERMAT connects to the ad platforms you care about and delivers actionable metrics in platform.

Built-in Experimentation

Clients have opinions. Getting to the performant answer is important. Instead of arguing, set up an experiment in 4 minutes or less. Within days, you’ll have results you can bet on.

Scale, scale, and scale some more.

FERMAT’s auto-optimizing CRO feature means landing pages get better with scale. Turn the dial up, turn the performance up.