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EP003: Coherence, Velocity, and Surface

Shreyas, CTO and Co-founder joins the show to explain how FERMÀT categorizes its features and functionality into distinct value pillars for our customers. We're diving into all three of: experimentation velocity, experimentation surface, and experience coherence.

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Today, we’re thrilled to have a very special guest with us—Shreyas, co-founder and CTO of FERMÀt. In this episode, Shreyas shares his journey, insights on category creation, and the unique value propositions that set FERMÀT apart in the market. Here’s a detailed look at the key points discussed.

Category Creation and Differentiation

One of the significant challenges that FERMÀT faces is category creation. Shreyas explains that there is no direct comparison to what FERMÀT offers, making it both a unique opportunity and a complex challenge. Often, people default to comparing it to a landing page builder, but that is selling what the we do incredibly short.

When brands think of landing pages, they envision a lengthy cycle of conceptualization, design, development, and deployment. In contrast, FERMÀT enables rapid creation and iteration of multiple unique experiences in a fraction of the time. This speed and flexibility allow brands to test and learn quickly, adapting to what works best without being bogged down by lengthy development cycles.

This ability to create full funnels the same way brands create their ad creative is something that's never been seen in ecommerce, and we're excited to create that category as we go along.

Core Value Propositions

Shreyas delves into the core value propositions of FERMÀT:

  1. Coherence: Maintaining a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints is crucial. FERMÀT ensures that brands can keep their messaging and user experience coherent, even when experimenting with different strategies and campaigns. This consistency helps in building trust and setting the right expectations all the way through the funnel.
  2. Velocity: The ability to rapidly create and iterate on multiple experiences is a game-changer. With FERMÀT, brands can launch hundreds of different experiences quickly, gather data, and pivot based on real-time insights. This high velocity reduces the risk associated with experimentation and allows brands to be more agile in their marketing efforts.
  3. Surface: FERMÀT expands the engagement points beyond traditional landing pages. Brands can create and customize through the entire funnel by building landing pages, PDPs, cart optimizations and more.

Break Free From the Site

A significant part of FERMÀT's strength lies in its technical architecture. Shreyas highlights that we operate separately from the main site, allowing for risk-free experimentation. This separation means that any issues or failures in an experiment do not impact the main site, minimizing potential disruptions. Moreover, this architecture supports clean and reliable data collection, enabling brands to make informed decisions based on accurate insights.

The reduction of risk also compliments the simplicity of implementation, since you don't need to account for other app, theme, or CMS conflicts.

Wrapping Up

FERMÀT has and always will be shaped though experimentation and customer feedback. The same way we empower brands to experiment and adapt with their customers. As we continue to build out the product further it will be in pursuit of giving every ecommerce brand the ability to build/customize across the funnel, do it quickly and efficiently, all while creating a cohesive experience for the shopper all the way through.

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