Unique shops for every influencer

Influencer activations can supercharge a brand. But why are they SO HARD. Creating a simple custom page for an influencer can take days or weeks. Before FERMAT, that is. Now you get bespoke media, copy, discounts, and merchandising in less than 4 minutes. Believe it.

Save time and stop leaving money on the table.

Influencer-branded shops

Co-brand shops with influencer name and likeness. Upload custom UGC videos to showcase the influencer using the product.

Custom discounts and offers

More than just “influencer20” codes. Customize anything you want — from bundle discounts, to shipping thresholds, to free gift with purchase.

Influencer-specific merchandising

Highlight the influencer’s favorite products. Create custom bundles. Make it easy for followers to buy the products their favorite influencer endorses.

Full-funnel analytics

Clearly and quickly see core metrics like impressions, orders, GMV, and revenue. Gives you flexibility to compensate influencers based on CPM, percent of sales, or both.