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Equation of Excellence

EP002: Nate Lagos | VP of Marketing | Original Grain

Join us in EP002 of the Equation of Excellence as we sit down with Nate Lagos, VP of Marketing at Original Grain, to dive into his journey and strategies in the world of marketing. Nate shares his insights on leveraging creativity and data-driven approaches to digital marketing, the impact of YouTube influencer sponsorships, and his personal equation of excellence in the luxury watch industry. Discover how Nate's innovative tactics have propelled Original Grain's success and what it takes to excel in today's competitive marketing landscape.

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In this episode of Equation of Excellence, Nate Lagos, the Vice President of Marketing at Original Grain, shared valuable insights into his journey and strategies in the marketing world. Nate's career began with a passion for marketing that he cultivated in college, where he quickly realized that hands-on experience would be essential for his growth. His early career involved working for a startup in Greenville, where he managed paid and organic social media campaigns, learning as he went by leveraging resources like Google and YouTube.

Passion for Marketing and Early Career

Nate journey into marketing started during his college years, where he majored in marketing and discovered his passion for the field. He found himself deeply engaged with the subject matter and realized early on that practical experience would be crucial to his success. This led him to join a startup in Greenville, where he initially offered his services for free, managing their social media presence and advertising strategies. Through trial and error, and by continually seeking out new knowledge, Nate honed his skills in both paid and organic social media.

Marketing Strategies at Original Grain

At Original Grain, Nate has implemented a variety of marketing strategies, with a strong emphasis on creative and acquisition tactics. The company specializes in luxury watches, catering to a diverse audience. Nate understands the importance of reaching potential customers through multiple channels, including social media and influencer marketing. Nate has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers. This has included working closely with the creative team to ensure that the visual representation of Original Grain's products matches the high quality customers expect. By combining creativity with data-driven strategies, Nate has been able to consistently drive sales and increase brand visibility.

YouTube Influencer Sponsorships

One of the most successful marketing channels for Original Grain has been YouTube influencer sponsorships. Nate has overseen partnerships with various influencers, ensuring that their campaigns are both profitable and authentic. These partnerships have allowed Original Grain to reach a broader audience and drive sales effectively. Nate has emphasized the importance of authenticity in these partnerships, ensuring that influencers align with the brand's values and aesthetics.

Facebook Campaign Strategies

When it comes to Facebook campaigns, Nate prefers a structured approach that focuses on results. His team separates campaigns by collection and audience, allowing them to tailor their messaging effectively. They regularly update their creative content and make adjustments to their campaigns weekly, ensuring that they are always optimizing for the best results. Nate understands the importance of staying flexible and adapting to changes in the digital landscape, which has allowed Original Grain to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

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