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Equation of Excellence

EP004: Saunder Schroeder | Founder | Buffed Energy

Join Saunder Schroeder, founder of Buffed Energy, in a captivating discussion on Equation of Excellence. Discover Saunder's journey from e-commerce entrepreneurship to pioneering the mushroom and nootropic supplement space with Buffed Energy. Gain insights into his entrepreneurial formula, challenges faced, and his vision for the future of Buffed Energy. Perfect for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, or the health and wellness industry!

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Welcome Saunder Schroeder, founder of Buffed Energy, onto the Equation of Excellence podcast for an insightful conversation about his journey from e-commerce entrepreneurship to founding his own supplement company!

Saunder Schroeder's Equation of Excellence

Saunder shares his "Equation of Excellence" as the combination of resilience, discipline, and creativity. This formula has guided his entrepreneurial journey and the development of Buffed Energy.

Early Career and Digital Marketing Expertise

Saunder Schroeder's entrepreneurial journey began over a decade ago with the launch of an e-commerce business focused on minimalist branding. His approach aimed to differentiate itself in a market saturated with heavily branded products. Despite facing challenges early on, Saunder's determination and entrepreneurial spirit led him to make significant strides in the e-commerce space.

After establishing his e-commerce business, Saunder joined a digital marketing agency where he gained expertise in viral marketing, SEO, and content marketing. His role involved creating and executing large-scale marketing campaigns for major clients, including ESPN, Disney, and Dell. This experience broadened his understanding of digital marketing strategies and prepared him for future endeavors.

Founding Buffed Energy

Inspired by his interest in health and wellness, Saunder founded Buffed Energy, a company specializing in mushroom and nootropic supplements. The idea had been marinating for several years before its launch, during which Saunder meticulously tested various product formulations and brand concepts. Buffed Energy was designed not only to provide energy and focus but also to promote long-term brain health without the crash associated with traditional energy drinks.

Challenges, Successes, and Future Plans

Launching Buffed Energy presented its own set of challenges. Initially, the company faced slow growth, but Saunder's persistence and commitment to quality began to pay off. Recent months have shown significant growth, with revenue tripling and doubling month over month. This success can be attributed to Saunder's focus on product quality, effective branding, and understanding customer needs.

Looking ahead, Saunder is excited about Buffed Energy's future. He plans to expand the product line while maintaining the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Future innovations include new product formulations and enhancements to existing offerings, ensuring Buffed Energy remains at the forefront of the supplement industry.

Personal Insights and Leadership Style

Throughout the episode, Saunder shares personal insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and the importance of team morale. He emphasizes the loneliness of entrepreneurship and the necessity of maintaining team morale to achieve success. His leadership style focuses on empowering his team and ensuring their personal incentives align with the company's goals, fostering a culture of dedication and creativity.

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