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EP:002 Surprising Template Insights

Josh Fieber (our resident CRO scientist) is sharing when and how to use some of our top performing templates. We're also going deep with the CRO tips and tricks to maximize the performance of each.

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Josh is our resident CRO expert and lead of the consumer experience team. In this episode we're sharing insights on experimentation, going over pros/cons of different landers, and going over what elements can add a big boost to your conversion rates.  Here’s a detailed look at the key takeaways from our conversation:

1. Introduction to Video Landers

Josh kicked off the discussion by explaining the concept of video landers. These are landing pages that prominently feature a large video at the top, accompanied by a product card for the hero product above the fold. The design is straightforward yet highly effective, inspired by the familiar format of Instagram stories or reels. This intentional design choice creates a seamless transition for users from the ad they clicked on to the shopping experience, enhancing engagement and reducing friction.

This template type is one of our most popular and is very effective when you are able to match ad and lander creative close to 1:1. This makes for an incredibly powerful ad funnel, but it also means its not as easy to scale up. That's why we usually recommend combining video landers with other template types like advertorials. More on that later.

2. Industry Applications of Video Landers

One of the most significant insights Josh shared was about the effectiveness of video landers. They perform exceptionally well across various industries, but their success hinges on the quality of the video creative. Celebrity-endorsed brands, in particular, benefit greatly from video landers, as the strong video content highlights the endorsement and drives consumer interest. However, even brands without celebrity endorsements can see substantial gains if they invest in high-quality, engaging video content.

In industries that rely heavily on UGC, a video lander can also be incredibly effective. Instead of relying on celebrities you can use haul videos, get ready with me, and other UGC video types to highlight products in the ad's video as soon as a customer reaches the FERMÀT Funnel. Alex and Josh share an example of a get ready with me video that is also highlighted below.

3. Content Quality is the Key Driver

Josh emphasized that content is king in the world of ecommerce. Regardless of the type of shopping experience—whether it’s a video lander or an advertorial—high-quality content is crucial. Great content and products can transform a standard shopping experience into a highly performant one. Conversely, no matter how well-designed a shopping experience is, poor content will limit its effectiveness. Brands need to focus on creating engaging, relevant, and high-quality content that resonates with their target audience to drive conversions.

4. Hybrid Shops and Social Proof

An emerging trend that Josh highlighted is the use of hybrid shops, which combine elements of video landers and advertorials. While the results have been mixed, the potential for success is significant if executed correctly. Additionally, social proof is a powerful tool for enhancing the credibility and appeal of a shopping experience. Testimonials, especially those with pictures of real people, and mentions in reputable publications, can significantly boost consumer trust and drive conversions. For beauty and supplement brands, social proof centered on the benefits of the products rather than just brand praise is particularly effective.

5. Experimentation and Insights

Josh also delved into the importance of ongoing experimentation and the valuable insights it provides. By continuously testing different elements on product detail pages (PDPs) and analyzing user behaviors, brands can identify key opportunities for improvement. One surprising finding was that users often click on rating stars immediately upon viewing a PDP, highlighting the importance of familiar elements in the shopping experience. Understanding and leveraging these user habits, which are often shaped by platforms like Amazon, can lead to significant performance gains. Additionally, identifying and addressing drop-off points in the shopping funnel through detailed data analysis can help brands optimize their conversion rates and overall performance.

These experiments are easy to conduct within a tool like FERMÀT. We also have a team of CRO experts that are continually finding what is and isn't working to productize them into features you can easily adopt and use.

Wrapping Up

Each FERMÀT template is effective in different situations and across different industries. A video lander is very effective when lander and ad videos are closely coupled together. This makes the template powerful but not as easy to scale. That's why Josh recommends using a long form advertorial template so that you can have multiple campaigns and ad sets point to the same advertorial.

If you want to get a sense for how FERMÀT could change your conversion funnels, grab some time with one of our experts.

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