FERMÀT’s 2023 Year in Review

Here at FERMÀT, we’re welcoming in the holidays on the tailwinds of a fast-moving 2023. At the beginning of the year, we successfully pivoted our product from one-and-done storefronts to dynamic custom shopping experiences for each new campaign. 

After a year of focusing on driving outsized customer value, we’re now one the fastest-growing SaaS companies at our stage, positioning us to expand our channels of operation in 2024.  

“The best consequence of working to find product market fit? We’re one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies at our stage. Looking to 2024, we’re excited for the opportunity to build our market even further.” — Rishabh Jain, CEO at FERMÀT

What we learned: Custom shopping experiences drive revenue

For all intents and purposes, we rebooted the company at the beginning of Q2 with a major shift to our main product offering. Instead of a single creator storefront, each campaign gets its own unique shopping experience. 

Since then, we’ve discovered that if you run a custom store for each social campaign, you drive better business outcomes. Here’s what else we learned as we scaled:

1. Custom landing experiences are useful for every channel. 

Paid social remains the biggest spend bucket, but we’re seeing major returns across all channels. We’ve created custom landing pages for TikTok, SMS, Reddit, and more.

2. Hiring a CMO helped us generate inbound awareness

Through Q2 of this year, we were largely referral- and affiliate-based. Then we hired our CMO, Rabah Rahil, to revamp our marketing strategy and ramp up content creation during Q3 and Q4. 

3. Self-service is the future of FERMÀT … full stop

By the first half of 2024, customers can expect capabilities for quick store customizations across all channels. 

“The ability to test offers, discounts, shipping thresholds and unique messaging was a huge unlock for our brands. Furthermore, optimizing the customer journey and unleashing growth teams previously shackled to the main website has had exponential impact for our brands.” — Rabah Rahil, CMO at FERMÀT

What we delivered: The quickest time to value of any landing page

At the beginning of the year, our vertical expertise was highly specific. But just as our product pivoted from static to dynamic, our expertise also broadened to include far more company varieties — and growth potentials for our customers. 

These are the customer wins we’re most proud of: 

  1. We’re helping customers across almost every vertical. We have customers in beauty, food, home goods, apparel, you name it. We love making a difference in so many different places, and we’re also proud to represent such a wide swath of verticals. 
  2. Our customers’ time to value is less than 4 weeks. This is down from six to eight weeks — even faster if we’ve worked in the vertical before. That’s also significantly faster than landing page service agencies. They typically take four weeks to build a landing page, and even longer to start seeing returns. 
  3. We create efficiencies that allow brands to scale aggressively. We’re pleased that brands who use us to scale have high confidence in their economics, and it pays off for them. Working with us helped Duradry achieve a 51% lift in ROAS and 43% reduction in CPA. 
“When you use FERMÀT as a conversion lever, not only will your CPS go down — your business as a whole will be opened up to scale.” — Jack Benzaquen, CEO at Duradry

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