How Duradry Increased Return on Ad Spend +51% & Decreased Acquisition Costs 43%

Lift In Roas
Reduction in CPA
In Session CVR

Learn how Duradry leverages FERMÀT to build shoppable ads and custom landing pages, allowing them to scale their ad spend and customer base profitably.


Duradry is the solution to sweat that you've been searching for. The brand offers products scientifically proven to control sweating and odor, made with clean formulas.

Duradry is currently on a mid-seven-figure run after bootstrapping for four years — raising only $650,000 through angel investors.

The Challenge

Brands like Duradry are always balancing ad spend and conversion. Unfortunately, this quickly becomes challenging, for two reasons:

  1. Ad platforms like Meta and Google are growing more and more unpredictable.
  2. Landing pages can seriously lift your CVR, but they’re expensive to get right.

Reliable solutions can cost up to $5,000 per landing page, while cheaper providers from Fiver or Upwork produce unpredictable results. Failing to optimize your landing page and shopping experiences can then lead to higher CPAs, stunting your brand’s profitability and scalability.

Luckily, Jack Benzaquen, Founder of Duradry, found an affordable, plug-and-play solution: FERMÀT.

The Solution

FERMÀT provides plug-and-play landing pages — all optimized to convert.

The FERMÀT solution has been ideal for the Duradry team because it’s plug-and-play — providing both beautiful, custom landing pages and informative testing with little-to-no lift.

  1. Custom & functional storefronts — Every FERMÀT storefront and ad format — whether it’s a collection or a landing page — is uniquely optimized to drive conversion.
  2. Built-in testing & analytics — Over time, FERMÀT collects data on which tactics work best for Duradry shoppers. This way, the brand can deploy solutions out of the box that work far better than the average landing page.

As a result, FERMÀT has become a critical lever in improving Duradry's unit economics. From ad spend to end sales, the brand has increased conversion rates, decreased cost per sale, and ultimately scaled their customer base without breaking the bank.

The Results

FERMÀT is a powerful lever for converting shopper traffic. Since onboarding, FERMÀT has been behind Duradry’s best-performing landing page experiences. As a result, the brand has seen impressive metric growth, including:

“When you use FERMÀT as a conversion lever, not only will your CPS go down, your business as a whole will be opened up to scale. That’s what leveraging FERMÀT is all about for us.”