Give your marketing team superpowers

Let’s be honest…there aren’t enough hours in the day. FERMAT harnesses the power of AI and ML to supercharge your efficiency — Freeing up your team to concentrate on the stuff that drives $$$.

Scale revenue, not headcount.

Remove the dependency on developers

All you need is a CRO-optimized, low-latency, beautiful, shop-able site…IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR??? We don’t think so.

Compelling content in seconds using AI

Copy is a time suck. FERMAT uses deep integrations to openAI and e-commerce backends to generate high-converting prose in seconds. Your social, influencer, and media buying teams will thank you.

Full-funnel, actionable analytics

It’s impossible to make the right marketing decisions without bullet-proof data. FERMAT automatically correlates data from Meta ads, TikTok ads, Google ads, and on-site user activity. The result? Insights you can bet on.

High scale, low overhead

Brands on FERMAT create from 10s to 100s of unique shops for us in paid, organic and retention efforts. The resulting overhead? Almost nothing. Smart defaults, simple categorization, and clear reporting — FERMAT is built for scale.