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Fermat Fridays

EP004: Beautifully on Brand

In the past a FERMÀT Funnel was always seen as performative but lacking brand customizations. In this episode we're diving into the CRO design system that allows beautiful experiences to be created without taking a performance hit. We're explaining how and showing a few of our favorite examples.

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Welcome back to FERMÀT Fridays! In this episode, we dive into the world of custom branding with a special guest from our account management team. Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and insights on branding, and we are excited to explore how custom branding can enhance brand experiences on our platform, all without taking a conversion hit. Let's get into it!

Unveiling the Power of Custom Branding

FERMÀT recently released our new CRO Design system. This new capability allows brands to create visually appealing and cohesive experiences without compromising performance. Sarah explains that this update is a game-changer for brands looking to maintain their identity while achieving high conversion rates.

Alex and Sarah discuss different implementations across Dose, Farmhouse Fresh, Caddis, and more.

Branding Without Compromise

A common misconception is that branding can have a negative impact on performance, or that highly performative landing pages remove branded features. Sarah debunks this myth by highlighting that custom branding and performance can live in harmony, if you are intentional about it. The way that FERMÀT deploys branded elements such as colors and fonts across the platform is done through a design language that minimizes/eliminates performance hits. it enables brands to maintain their identity and deliver a seamless experience for consumers. This is crucial for creating a coherent brand perception and enhancing consumer engagement.

Success Stories in Branding

Sarah shares some inspiring examples of successful branding implementations. One standout case is Dose, which has expertly integrated its brand colors and sharp imagery to create a visually cohesive experience. By using custom color schemes and high-contrast visuals, Dose has significantly improved product engagement and conversion rates.

Collaboration and Customization

The process of applying custom branding is highly collaborative. Sarah (and other AMs on the team) work closely with our brands to ensure the final output aligns with their identity and goals.  The result is a performant experience that the brand team also loves.

Wrapping Up

An experience that is on brand and highly performant isn't a myth. It's possible with FERMÀT. By using our CRO Design System a brand can easily build within a system that keeps all the performance while easily integrating key brand elements such as fonts, colors, logos, and more.

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