Spring 2024 Product Additions

It truly is unbelievable how much we were able to create and validate in the past three months.

We’re thrilled to share this rollup of 20+ product releases, live for you to begin using today within FERMÀT, including: 

  • No-Code, module-based PDP editing, now buildable the same way you build LPs
  • Custom color and font integration, so you can fully brand each FERMÀT experience
  • Gift with purchase variant selection
  • Forever Links
  • Additional organization and search functionality
  • & dozens of other enhancements! 

In this release article, we’ll break down some of our biggest - and most frequently requested - additions. For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to ask your Account Manager!

Build PDPs with Drag and Drop Modules

While traditional landing page builders do let you customize the look and feel of a page, they typically force you to merchandise products the way they are configured within Shopify. We thought that was bogus – so we built a solution in FERMÀT.

With this release, you now have control over how each product is merchandised for each unique experience you create. Want different images, descriptions, offers than what exists on your site? No problem. Build your dream PDP with our easy-to-use drag and drop modules.

Though FERMÀT has always had the ability to customize the PDP to optimize for each experience, some of those customizations previously required assistance from your Account Manager. We’ve built this entire workflow directly into the product, so you now have the ability to customize and edit each PDP yourself – no dev skills required.

This release introduces 15+ PDP modules we’ve seen perform across countless brands and experiments. The best part? We’re constantly adding new modules every month, so you can create beautiful, money-makin’ PDPs like the examples below.

FERMÀT enables you to tailor each PDP to the landing page it’s paired with - allowing you to experiment beyond what’s on your core Shopify site. Seen in this example from Farmhouse Fresh, the PDP leads with a lifestyle shot rather than a standard product shot, as the product is shown in detail via a video on the lander.

In the example on the right, the Caddis Eyewear team has merged multiple products together to create a custom PDP, in which shoppers can select one of multiple best-selling SKUs from a sole PDP. This enables them to reduce friction – customers avoid getting stuck on a massive category page with dozens of products. 

TL;DR: Break free of onsite limitations, and build PDPs that work best for each of your audiences. 

If you’re already a FERMÀT customer, you can learn everything you need to know about PDP editing here.

Brand Customizations… That Convert

We have always prided ourselves on creating experiences that convert. Using fonts, elements, and color palettes that draw the customer further through the purchase process. Each backed by hundreds of CRO experiments. 

Even if we never said it, we were always a little worried that custom colors and fonts would hurt conversions. We are happy to report they do not. At least not when applied using our CRO Design System.

Our CRO Design System comes with all of our CRO learnings baked in. Essentially, if you follow our recommended applications for colors and fonts, you’ll have a beautiful on-brand experience that doesn’t take a performance hit.

Check out a few examples below, showing how brands have integrated their custom colors and fonts with our design-meets-CRO best practices.  

This CRO Design System is available on select FERMÀT plans. If you're an existing customer reach out to your Account Manager to learn more and get their assistance and expertise applying your custom brand kits. If you aren't yet a customer just grab some time with us using the button below.

Keep Everything Organized

FERMÀT allows you to create endless custom conversion funnels. That’s a lot of content. 

As you add more content, landing pages, PDPs and offers, keeping it all organized becomes vital. That’s why we introduced a new tagging system, enhanced search, and the ability to give each module you build a custom name. Let’s start with our new tagging system.

Our new tagging system allows you to create unlimited “tags” - labels you can apply to shops in order to keep them organized. No more scrolling and sifting through dozens of shops to find what you’re looking for! Just search by associated tag.So far we have seen customers tag shops in three distinct ways:

  • Shop types
    • using tags to define Shop type such as video, advertorial, or product grid
  • Campaigns 
    • using tags to group Shops that are all used within a single marketing campaign
  • Offer 
    • Using tags to group Shops based on the offer within some text
      • Product highlight
      • Discount
      • Subscription

And here’s another power-user favorite we released: you can now customize the name of each module. We’ve found that renaming modules can make it much easier to keep an individual shop organized, with unique, at-a-glance naming conventions.

We understand organization is critical for operating a business at scale; for that reason, Organization remains a key theme on the FERMÀT roadmap. Stay tuned for more and more additions that make building within FERMÀT a breeze!

If you're an existing FERMÀT customer, these features have already been added to your account. Learn more about building and tagging in our Help Center.

FERMÀT Forever Links

FERMÀT Forever Links are reroutable URLs that can be mapped and re-mapped to any destination you like.

No matter where you've added a Forever Link, you can change where that link points to within FERMÀT, automatically updating every instance in which that link is used.

This also means that you can continue experimenting over time, adjusting the landing page, offer, featured products – really anything you want!

But here’s the best part, especially for our performance marketers out there: when you change the destination of a Forever Link from within FERMÀT, it won't trigger live ads to re-enter the learning phase. 

This means you get to keep your social proof, algo learnings, etc of live ads, while simultaneously optimizing the efficacy of your post-click experience.

With the introduction of Forever Links, we’ve also released a new section of the app that enables you to quickly and easily grab the shop links you need. This makes it even easier to work with agency and freelance media buyers inside of FERMÀT.

Small Yet Mighty Additions

While these aren't making headlines in this article, these features are still rich in value. Check out some of our favorites below.

New Modules

We regularly release new modules for you to implement into your Shops/Landing pages, as well as the PDP builder.

Apparel Specific Product Carousel

FERMÀT’s continued growth has given us the opportunity to work with more and more apparel brands. As we continue to work with these brands, we’ve come across a ton of valuable CRO lessons - like how to best communicate variant options (i.e. color, length, waist) quickly, and with low friction. 

Our latest module titled “Large Image Carousel” allows for a singular image and multiple variant selections to be in view all at once.


The Accordion module enables you to organize product content into collapsible sections, keeping things organized, and avoiding unnecessary scroll depth. This module also allows you to keep a selected section open by default, if you’d like to do so.

Social Links

The Social Links module is pretty straightforward! Add this module to feature linked social icons, so customers can easily follow your brand.

Youtube Embed

In addition to our existing uploadable video media modules and video cards, you can now embed videos directly from Youtube with the Youtube Embed module.

Funnel Visualization

FERMÀT’s Shops dashboard now visually represents customer progression through the purchase funnel from click all the way to the conversion. It’s never been easier to see where the bottlenecks exist in your customer flow!

Cmd + Z Undo 

The power users know. You can now undo edits with the shortcut inside FERMÀT.

Ready to Get Started?

With FERMÀT, you and your marketing team can build funnels the same way you build ads, customizing experiences to specific offers, personas, and jobs to be done. This spring’s product additions enable you to have more customization opportunities, further through your funnel, than ever before.

If you're an existing customer, these features have already been added to your account. If you aren't using FERMÀT yet... why not? There’s never been a better time to get started than today!

Grab a time with one of our experts below, and they’ll walk you through what makes FERMÀT a must have for every DTC Growth Marketing Team, in addition to highlighting our new releases.