Introducing FERMAT Forever Links

Editing links in your ads is not only annoyingly time consuming, it also comes with a performance hit. Why? Because a change to your ad triggers it to re-enter the learning phase. 

That learning phase comes with increased volatility, increased costs, and increased headaches.

Let’s show you how you can easily swap out the offer, the product, and even the entire landing page experience of your top performing ads without needing to edit the ad itself.

What are FERMAT Forever Links?

FERMAT Forever Links are reroutable URLs that can be mapped and re-mapped to any destination you like.

Visual description of FERMAT Forever Links

These links allow you to seamlessly change where a customer lands on each click. With this you can change the offer, the product, and the entire post-click experience without interfering with live ads, messages, or emails. 

Point traffic to brand new pages by simply adjusting the Forever Link.

Why use Forever Links?

In short, Forever Links give you the power to change and edit the experience between click and checkout wherever you want. 

Here’s just a few examples where this will be a game changer:

1. Easily adopt the best converting post-click experience

FERMAT makes it easy to host and manage as many post-click experiences as you like. When one becomes a winner you can simply route your forever link to have any ad direct to the preferred destination.

These links give you the ability to adjust your offer, product(s), and messaging

2. Avoid ads entering the learning phase

Any change you make to a live ad has the potential to trigger the learning phase. By changing the destination of a link rather than editing the link allows you to avoid triggering a re-entry.

FERMAT Forever Links skip the learning phase

3. Make changes on the fly

When you combine FERMAT Forever Links with FERMAT experiences you can easily change an ad (or any customer entry point) to show an updated product, a specific catalog of products, or even a completely different external landing page. All you have to do is route the link… that’s it.

4. Keep automations fresh by updating a single link

Add a Forever Link to automated communications so you can update your offers without going into every single one of your tools to update a single link. As an added benefit, even messages that are already sitting in a customer's inbox will go to the new destination if they go back and reference it.

Partnering with external media buyers and agencies is now much easier.

You asked and we listened. One of the most frequently requested UI improvements we have received is an easier way to organize and provide FERMAT links to contractors and agencies. 

The introduction of Forever Links now puts all of your links in a single section of FERMAT and allows you to give each a unique title.

Example of FERMAT Forever Links

Easy for anyone to quickly grab what they are looking for, or create a new link.

Ready to get started?

If you’re an existing FERMAT customer this has already been added to your account. 

Your existing Shops have had a Forever Link created for them and you can now route and re-route them as much as you like. We put together a how-to guide for you.

If you’re not a FERMAT customer, why not? Book some time with us and the team can show you how you can tailor the entire post-click experience for better conversions.