Don’t spend $$ millions on CRO

We already did that. Start from proven templates for your vertical, distribution channel, and customer profile. High-converting post-click destinations are just 2 minutes away.

We did the hard work so you don’t have to.

In content native shopping

Enable your customers to checkout directly from a blog post, editorial, video, or virtually any content. FERMAT allows you to be ready when customer inspiration strikes.

Shop-able Video

UGC and branded video SELLS. But only if you have the right conversion funnel attached. Let customers shop video-featured products and buy in seconds.

Custom merchandising

Your star customers are getting lost in a sea of SKUs. Focus the shopping experience for specific audience segments by featuring a subset of products.

Direct response

Do you have a hero product that crushes it? Enable single-product funnels pioneered by the greatest supplement brands of our decade.

Gift Guide

You could have your dev team spend 2 weeks building a gift guide… or, you could spin one up in 2 minutes or less using FERMAT AI ghostwriter. The best part, it’s directly shop-able by default.

5 Reasons Why

Give meditated buyers the highlight reel with a high-conversion “5 Reasons Why” article from FERMAT AI.


Use UGC, branded content, and AI-generated copy to craft a narrative that drives to purchase.