Too often writers block turns into progress blocked.

You have 10 ideas of different messaging you want to try, but can’t find the time to put pen to paper. We get it. That’s why we built FERMÀT AI Ghostwriter. Deep integrations with OpenAI and major e-commerce backends like Shopify allow our Ghostwriter to do 95% of the content creation work for you.

Leverage the power of long form content.

Concept to Published in Minutes

Provide FERMÀT a content idea and a product to feature. Click a button. Viola! Conversion-optimized copy to test with your audience. Edit and publish in minutes.

Fast customer messaging insights

Experimenting with new messaging can lead to surprising insights. FERMÀT makes it easy to publish new content and measure it’s effectivity based on views and conversions.

Influencer collabs

You have the perfect influencer, but they don’t want to write a 500 word essay about your product? Within minutes you can create content for the influencer to review, approve, and publish.

Content + Shop = Conversion

Build your content on top of the distributed-commerce foundation for which FERMÀT is well known. This means content is shoppable by default.