How Hero Bread Lifted Average Order Value by +85% Through Influencer Storefronts

Increase in AOV
Increase in ROAS
of DTC Sales

Learn how Hero Bread, the brand reimagining your favorite baked goods, uses FERMÀT to turn influencer content into fully functional storefronts that boost AOV and ROAS.


Hero Bread is the innovative F&B brand producing delicious baked goods with zero net carbs, zero sugars, and tons of flavor. The company skyrocketed into a multi-million-dollar enterprise in under two years. To accelerate that growth trajectory, Hero Bread partnered with FERMÀT to transform successful influencer ads into user-friendly, content-native shopping experiences.

The Challenge

Like countless eCommerce operations, the team at Hero Bread is always looking to drive as many first-time purchases as possible at an efficient ROAS. Unfortunately, optimizing your revenue streams at a reasonable cost is increasingly difficult with plenty of competition and high CAC in the DTC space. In response, Hero Bread decided to take an innovative route — reaching out to FERMÀT to develop social commerce strategies to maximize profits.

The Solution

Influencer partnerships have long resulted in some of Hero Bread’s best-performing content. So, the brand decided to double down on this front, teaming up with filmmaker and influencer JJ Yosh to create a series of well-received content ads.

From there, the Hero Bread team whitelisted JJ’s content on their socials and linked it with FERMÀT to create custom, shoppable storefronts — all directly native to JJ’s content. Thanks to FERMÀT, any consumer viewing JJ’s video ads can watch his content while browsing Hero Bread products and even completing a full checkout without ever scrolling away.

By curating influencer content and transforming it into an engaging, built-in storefront, Hero Bread maximized the conversion potential of first-time shoppers.

The Results

Ultimately, pairing JJ’s authentic content with FERMÀT’s content-native commerce drove waves of consumers to purchase in a few seamless clicks.