How Hero Bread Increased Average Order Value & Month-Over-Month Revenue by 15%

MOM Growth
Top Seller
Core product categories on Amazon
Improved AOV
vs. General Purchasers

Learn how FERMÀT and Source Medium enabled Hero Bread™ to level up its eCommerce storefronts, leading to a surge in new customers at a rapid clip.

  • 10-15% month-over-month growth
  • Top seller in core product categories on Amazon
  • Improved average order volume (AOV) vs. general purchasers
“We have grown rapidly in terms of run rate and where we stack up from a channel perspective compared to 18 months ago. We are the top seller in four of our five categories on Amazon, and that level of e-commerce growth wouldn’t have been possible without FERMÀT and Source Medium.” ­- Christina Blaisdell Oyler, VP of eCommerce at Hero Bread


Hero Bread is a baked goods company offering ultra-low net carb products for online orders and retail distribution. Since 2019, the Hero team has sought to provide craveable, delicious, “carby” foods that consumers love but without the net carbs, sugar, and excess calories that contribute to negative health outcomes. Their products range from bread loaves and tortillas to burger buns and croissants.

The Challenge

Using customer insights to inform unique eComm experiences

Hero embarked on its eCommerce journey in early 2022, marking its first introduction to customers across the United States. With a growing product line and rapidly growing customer base, Hero sought to enhance the consumer experience with optimized storefronts.

They leveraged Source Medium for insights into average time to repeat, customer lifetime value (LTV), and behavior patterns, offering the knowledge needed to attract and engage first-time customers effectively. The goal was to provide an enhanced customer experience with tailored discounts and enticing product bundles that support profit goals. 

Not long after launching their eCommerce store, Hero discovered how FERMÀT could support their dream of unique shopping experiences.

“Our eCommerce growth was impressive, but manually extracting and analyzing data was time-consuming. We needed a solution to streamline data analysis and provide actionable insights to keep growing.”


FERMÀT and Source Medium helped Hero level up its digital storefronts to ramp new customer acquisition

Hero utilized FERMÀT’s novel approach to eComm experiences to revolutionize its first-time and repeat customer strategies. FERMÀT’s user-friendly interface made it simple to get creative with positioning and messaging for A/B tests. The Hero team analyzed how prospective customers understand their products and sought new platforms and channels to inform them, such as over-the-top video advertisements.

As sales grew, Hero leveraged Source Medium's seamless integration with FERMAT to actively monitor their best-performing storefronts by CVR, CPA/CAC, ROAS, and AOV. Combined with FERMÀT’s native analytics, they were able to dig into the customer behavior differences between the ad-supported storefronts and standard product landing pages. 

Having Source Medium as a single source of data truth made it easy to see the success of their FERMÀT trial and focus on growing the brand across all eComm channels.

The frictionless pairing of FERMÀT and Source Medium allows Hero to iterate on what works for their brand and individual products. While the ever-growing customer base represents an evolution in the need set of the Hero consumer, especially as the company continues to scale, FERMÀT has empowered the Hero team to adjust quickly in response to that and utilize team bandwidth more effectively.

“Combining FERMÀT and Source Medium allowed us to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, empowering us to make informed decisions about the business, whether it’s product offerings or merchandising strategies.”


Hero boosts monthly revenue and brand awareness, thanks to FERMÀT and Source Medium’s combined platforms

At a glance, Hero accelerated its eCommerce strategy with FERMÀT and Source Medium, including three distinct improvements:

  • 10-15% month-over-month growth
  • Top seller in core product categories on Amazon
  • Improved average order volume (AOV) vs. general purchasers

Combined with the data they see in Source Medium, the Hero team can roll out new storefront tests faster than ever, quickly understand what worked, and still manage to free up time. Consumer buying habits and composition shift over time, but they are equipped to react accordingly with actionable data and easy-to-use tools.

Looking ahead, Hero remains committed to leveraging Source Medium and FERMÀT’s combined capabilities to refine further how the brand grows via eCommerce sales. The company aims to sustain its swift growth with new customer engagement and increased brand loyalty by fine-tuning creative messaging and digital storefronts.

“Our dual partnership with Source Medium and FERMÀT has been a game-changer. Not only have we witnessed impressive growth, but we’ve also gained valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.”