How Dermaclara Improved Return on Ad Spend by up to +50% While Lowering Its CAC

ROAS Increase
Decrease in CPA
Outperforms Other Partner Platforms

Learn how Dermaclara partnered with FERMÀT to share the story behind their anti-aging, stretch mark-removing medical-grade silicone patches.


Dermaclara offers a natural solution for scar removal and stretch mark treatment through their 100% medical-grade silicone patches.

Their team partnered with FERMÀT to create compelling, shoppable videos to up their conversion rate and encourage more organic traffic. Today, they've seen gains like a 25-50% increase in ROAs and a significant decrease in CAC.

"When we were introduced to FERMÀT, we knew it was a no-brainer. To be able to tell our story in a shoppable video was incredible for us." -Paul Brandlin, Marketing Director at Dermaclara

The Challenge

Dermaclara is a D2C brand with strong roots in eCom. The team knows the importance of sharing the brand's story to engage customers and drive sales – and they've seen success through short, shoppable ad videos.They wanted to build on that success by:

  1. Sharing shoppable ads on social media
  2. Making organic social media posts and stories shoppable
  3. Integrating those shoppable posts with their online Shopify-based presence

Enter FERMÀT – which offered precisely what Dermaclara was looking for.

The Solution

Two weeks into their partnership with FERMÀT, an A/B test showed that FERMÀT won out against its competition in sending direct traffic to the Dermaclara website. That same test yielded an increased ROAS of 25-50% and decreased cost per acquisition by $5.

Today, Dermaclara monitors their return on ad spend with FERMÀT and scales their budget accordingly – ensuring their ROAS continue to hold steady thanks to FERMÀT's results:

  1. Ease of use – The Dermaclara team can post shoppable videos to social media with a single click and expanded from Instagram to Facebook and TikTok as a result, saving their agile teams both time and money.
  2. Simple management – Dermaclara's social media team has found it easier than ever to drive organic traffic from social media because of how easily FERMÀT can integrate into organic posts and stories.

According to Paul Brandlin, Marketing Director at Dermaclara, their partnership with FERMÀT has done more than drive traffic – it's also driven novel, creative ideas.

The Results

"We've already been working with FERMÀT to tell more segmented stories through more proofs of concept on various platforms. We're going to continue to use them in every feasible way."

These results have empowered Dermaclara to explore new, innovative visual storytelling solutions. As Paul says, FERMÀT has shown them how to best tell their brand's story on every possible platform.