Shortening the Path to Purchase

As the ecommerce industry begins to make it’s next substantial shift, more and more brands are realizing that static product detail pages no longer perform as well as they used to. Take a note from our friends at Goodles. Goodles are an enhanced version of noodles that are created with the intention of making them even better. The idea was inspired by the popularity of macaroni and cheese as a universally loved comfort food, but it is often criticized for being lacking in nutritional value and flavor that people truly crave.

Goodles launched in November 2021 and wanted to find a way to boost the impact of their existing paid media while lowering customer acquisition costs. Through their integration with Chord, Goodles partnered with FERMÁT to curate storefronts highlighting all of their best selling flavors, so that customers new to the brand could shop the entire Goodles collection in one place, rather than driving them to their traditional top-selling PDP, or product detail page.

This dynamic, yet highly navigable storefront featured a Goodles branded video asset in the background, driving a significant decrease in CAC (customer acquisition cost) with its streamlined path to purchase. This storefront drastically outperformed their existing PDP by providing a more engaging and convenient experience for the consumer.

By taking an omnichannel approach to their marketing strategy and investing in digital, Goodles was able to successfully break through in their category and scale their DTC business with the help of Chord. This partnership allowed them to curate a storefront that highlighted their best-selling flavors and provided customers with a more streamlined path to purchase.

Overall, Goodles’ success demonstrates the importance of innovation and collaboration. By partnering with FERMÁT, they were able to create a dynamic storefront that not only provided a more engaging and convenient experience for consumers but also helped lower customer acquisition costs. As the landscape continues to evolve, companies that can adapt and innovate will be the ones that succeed.