What’s Happening in the Creator Economy in 2023

The Creator Economy is Booming

In order to properly understand what a creator economy is (yes we’re talking to you, boomers!), it’s important to understand the difference between influencers and creators. Although both participate in creating content, creators aren’t necessarily expected to “influence” their audience with their content — they’re viewed as content creation pros.

Whereas brands normally tap into the influencer network to expand on their product promotion by utilizing the influencers “influence”. Make sense? K, cool. The power of content is huge and it’s opened the door for creatives looking for innovative ways to monetize their work and build their brand identity in the process.

This has created a whole new industry, dubbed “the creator economy”.

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay

This has been an interesting pill to swallow for all the marketing workhorses out there (guilty). From the perspective of a brand marketer who is used to creating everything from scratch, initial thoughts were “oh god not another thing we have to implement” “okay, this sounds helpful in theory, but could it actually create anything of quality? I’m skeptical.”

AI has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing companies to fine-tune their strategies and deliver more tailored interactions with their customers. So if you’re hesitant to fully lean into using AI, we recommend testing it out with some simple copywriting to allow your content creation process to move along quicker.

Brands are Still Struggling with Representation

Unfortunately this topic is nothing new. Despite a diverse society and an abundance of influencers available at their disposal, companies lack representation of BIPOC members or show favoritism towards certain individuals over others — leading consumers away from trusting them altogether.

It’s high time that businesses recognize that simply flying the same group of girls on their brand trips won’t cut it anymore.

How are you making sure you’re staying ahead of the curve in your marketing efforts?