The eCom marketing space has been flooded with enablement tech. This makes it easy to forget that in our line of work, less is always more. 

Take it from Bryan Cano, VP of Marketing at Nood. In less than two years, the at-home hair removal brand has scaled aggressively from zero to over $50 million

Below, Bryan takes us through the team’s core marketing philosophy that made it possible – one that is centered around simplicity. 

“By keeping a simple approach, brands can optimize & reach profitability faster. The more variables you add to an equation, the more changes you have to account for. You want to maximize the value of what you currently have versus adding in more to spread yourself thin.” 

Nood’s core philosophy: Keep things simple to maximize what works

It can be tempting to try out every new ad channel or hyped-up martech provider. However, the marketers at Nood emphasize a far more simplistic approach: 

  1. Iterate constantly
  2. Stress test to find out what works
  3. Double, triple, or even quadruple down on what’s promising

They’ve successfully applied this framework to questions like: 

  • Should we start focusing on other product lines? → They already have an audience going wild for this core product, so they kept their focus there. 
  • Should we expand to other countries? → They still have the rest of the North American market to saturate, so they shelved that expansion. 
  • Should we scale other channels like TikTok and YouTube? → Their primary drivers are Google and Facebook. For now, they’ll work on maxing those out. 

Overall, Bryan attributes the brand’s sustained profitability and growth trajectory to simplicity and emphasizing what you already have that works

After all, if you are constantly adding more variables to your marketing equation, you have more levers to consider — meaning it will take that much longer to attain the profit margin or EBITDA you’re aiming for. 

There are only so many hours in a day and so many dollars in your budget. 

“We really aim to keep things simple. We’re always fighting the urge to chase that next shiny object, whether it’s a new product or service or advertising channel.” 

It takes a “united effort” to personalize marketing at scale

At the most basic level, Nood has been so successful by focusing intently on: 

  • An audience segment
  • A painful problem for that segment
  • A unique angle for the brand’s solution

However, Bryan knows there are countless other audience or customer profiles who experience variations of that pain point and think about the product differently. 

That’s why their next step is personalization: “This is about broadening whom we talk to and how we talk to them.” 

Of course, Nood’s ongoing level of scale and the projected multiplied effort will require more resources to maintain that personalization. In response, they are currently: 

  1. Hiring and bolstering their in-house resources
  2. Identifying the right partnerships to propel them past $100 million in 2023

“These are exciting prospects,” Bryan tells us, “but we know it’ll take a united effort.” 

With the right internal people and external partners, personalized marketing at scale will be well within reach. 

“If we follow the principles that have gotten us where we are today, we may be looking at doubling or tripling or even quadrupling the size of the business. That’s what gets me the most excited about personalized marketing at scale.” 

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