How Marketing Firm autodidact Decreased Clients’ Customer Acquisition Costs by 20%

Joint Partnerships
Increase in Ad Spend
Decrease in CAC

Learn how, an independent marketing firm for early-stage eCommerce brands, partners with FERMÀT to enhance their services and boost clients’ metrics. 

  • 3 joint partnerships to date
  • 20% decrease in CAC with FERMÀT ads on shared client
“FERMÀT gives you another competitive edge that very few tools out there can. You already have the amazing content — FERMÀT simply helps you make the most of it by making it fully shoppable. FERMÀT’s impact speaks for itself.” - Ian Waldron, Founder at


autodidact is a boutique performance marketing consultancy working with seed to Series B stage startups to drive sales and acquire users as efficiently as possible. Check out their site to learn more.

The Challenge

Marketing agencies need modern, content-native tactics to boost metrics

There are unfortunately many things that keep founders up at night — and most have just three letters, like CAC and CVR. Take it from Ian, Founder at autodidact: “Boosting a single metric can be a game-changer for a brand’s bottom line, which is why everyone wants to know how to maximize clickthrough rate, conversion rate, etc.” 

As a marketer, one reliable way to bolster a brand’s eCom metrics is to design a seamless end-customer experience. However, Ian realized the average shopper journey — from paid ads to landing pages to the browsing and checkout processes — will always contain friction and opportunities to abandon the funnel. In other words: When marketing agencies rely on traditional strategies, there’s a strong chance they’ll wind up bleeding acquisitions. 

In order to create a smoother funnel to conversion, autodidact needed a marketing solution that met two criteria: 

  1. It had to meet end customers where they are in terms of digital, content-driven habits. 
  2. It had to be a breeze for’s clients to implement. 

Fortunately, Ian soon came across FERMÀT. 

The Solution

Content-native storefronts maximize every ad’s conversion potential

When Ian onboarded with FERMÀT, they were amazed by how our fully functional, content-native storefronts play into everyday online experiences — from an embedded, shoppable interface in every piece of ad creative to a frictionless purchase flow. As Ian describes, “Imagine you’re scrolling through social media, but you also have shoppable units you can check out.” 

With FERMÀT, the agency can maximize the conversion potential of every client’s ads. In addition to our social commerce tech, FERMÀT has enhanced autodidact’s offerings in three key ways:

  1. FERMÀT elevates branded landing pages — Landing pages have the power to instantly convert a customer, yet few know how to properly leverage them. In response, FERMÀT allows marketers to combine speed, usability, and embedded media (i.e., HD video backdrops for your storefront) for a seamless shopper experience.

  2. Expert-level industry knowledge — Before FERMÀT, autodidact relied on in-house marketing data, which limited their breadth of insights. Now, Ian can simply reach out to the FERMÀT team for industry-wide findings and sophisticated testing capabilities. 
  1. A true partner in eCommerce — On top of these tactical wins, Ian highlights the level of attention and care they’ve received from FERMÀT’s team: “FERMÀT has been a trusted partner since day one — not just for us, but for our clients as well.” 
“I face trade-offs on a daily basis, whether it’s about speed of implementation, creativity of content, or the level of innovation of my services. With FERMÀT, I can do it all. Plus, I have a driven team to collaborate with.”

The Results

FERMÀT helps autodidact secure impressive, marketing-driven results for clients

As a marketing agency, thriving in your role comes down to two factors: your clients and your clients’ end customers. Thanks to FERMÀT, autodidact can ultimately elevate the digital experience for both. Here’s a snapshot of the results so far: 

  • 3 joint partnerships to date
  • 180% increase in ad spend with shared client due to performance
  • 20% decrease in CAC with FERMÀT ads on shared client

Looking forward, the autodidact team is excited to continue working with FERMÀT and to include our offerings across their entire client portfolio. Ian reports, “We’re still honing our own features, but we can’t wait to sign up for a long-term FERMÀT subscription in the coming months.” 

“FERMÀT has been a game-changer for our business. Thanks to their storefronts, we have enabled some huge wins for our clients — and, ultimately, for our own agency, as brands tell their communities about us and the results we’ve driven.”