How Goodles Decreased Cost per Action by 46% & Return on Ad Spend by +127%

increase in ROAS
decrease in CPA
in unit conversions

Learn how Goodles, the high-growth DTC brand making nutritious comfort foods, leverages FERMÀT’s content-native storefronts for a frictionless path to purchase.


Goodles combines the tasty comfort foods you crave with the nutritional value missing from legacy products. Through their integration with Chord, the Goodles team partnered with FERMÀT to curate storefronts highlighting their best-selling flavors. Instead of driving them to a traditional top-selling PDP, new customers can shop the entire Goodles collection in one place.

The Challenge

More and more brands are realizing static PDPs no longer perform as well as they used to. Take it from Goodles. Following a launch in late 2021, the F&B brand hoped to break through in their category and scale their DTC business with their partner Chord. They decided to pursue a strong omnichannel strategy, which required investing in digital, and needed a way to boost the impact of their current paid media while lowering CAC.

The Solution

The Goodles team discovered FERMÀT through their integration with Chord. They loved what they saw of FERMÀT’s content-native commerce, decided to give us a try, and seamlessly onboarded. Integrating their ad and commerce profiles with FERMÀT took less than 30 minutes.

The next step? Curating custom storefronts that:

  1. Highlight all of their best-selling flavors
  2. Allow users to easily and natively checkout
  3. Feature a branded video asset in the background

Now, customers new to Goodles can shop the entire product range in one intuitive, attractive interface, rather than being redirected to an entirely separate PDP. A streamlined path to purchase has ultimately meant a more engaging, convenient shopper experience.

The Results

Overall, FERMÀT has enabled the Goodles team to create dynamic storefronts with a frictionless customer journey to purchasing. These storefronts have even dramatically outperformed the brand’s existing PDPs.

By investing in innovative omnichannel strategies like content-native commerce, Goodles (with the help of Chord) successfully broke through in their category to scale their DTC user base at far lower costs.

Looking forward, Goodles’ story illustrates what’s next for DTC brands. As the eCommerce landscape continually evolves, the companies that adapt and innovate will be set to thrive.