How Good Light Drove a 50% Lift in Return on Ad Spend & Dropped CPAs by -30%

Decrease in CPA
Increase in ROAS
Increase in CVR

Learn how goodlight, the skincare brand encouraging beauty beyond the binary, uses FERMÀT to craft a seamless journey from ad creative to custom video storefronts.


Developed by David Yi in 2021, good light creates gentle and effective personal care products for users of every gender identity. The beauty and skincare brand often relies on user-generated content to maximize brand exposure. To transform those pieces of content into their own unique conversion centers and revenue drivers, good light reached out to the FERMÀT team.

The Challenge

As a beauty disruptor selling non-binary, gender-inclusive skincare products, incorporating education into the purchase funnel is imperative for good light to acquire net new customers. In addition, the brand hoped to increase their share of DTC revenue coming from paid media. The solution was obvious: premium UGC by brand lovers and influencers who can educate on the products. Once their UGC strategy picked up steam, good light saw FERMÀT as an opportunity to drive sales straight from the content itself — no redirecting required.

The Solution

After integrating with FERMÀT, the good light team had their central game plan: Transform UGC into an interactive shopping destination post-click. As ad creative, their dynamic UGC feels authentic to customers, which bolsters engagement. Now, thanks to FERMÀT, that educational and high-performing paid media asset could become a custom, fully shoppable video storefront.

That seamless journey from content to content-native shopping experiences was so effective for two reasons:

  1. The shopper learns about the benefits of good light from UGC while simultaneously browsing good light products — all within one interface.
  2. With FERMÀT’s fully native checkout, the shopper can purchase without exiting the UGC.

Ultimately, UGC on its own is successful because it engages consumers interpersonally and instills them with confidence in your product. When you can build the entire shopping experience inside that content, the results are unmatched.

The Results

Ultimately, the team at good light supercharged their UGC strategy by leveraging FERMÀT.

The good light story illustrates a tactical lesson: When your ad content drives strong returns, imagine what content-native commerce could drive in built-in conversions.