How Nood Lifted Return on Ad Spend More Than +20% & Reduced Acquisition Costs 18%

Lift In Roas
Decrease In CAC
Average ROAS

Learn how Nood, the #1 at-home hair removal solution on the market, uses FERMÀT to embed shopping directly in their content and drive a unique boost to their ROAS.


Nood is leading the at-home beauty industry with their proprietary light-based tech for hair removal that lasts. Their team partnered with FERMÀT to curb their CAC, drive audience awareness and education, and create frictionless paths to purchase. Today, they’ve seen gains like 2x ROAS and a nearly 20% drop in acquisition costs.

The Challenge

The team at Nood has grown the company aggressively — from zero to over $50 million in less than two years. With that rapid scale, they struggled to sustain reasonable acquisition costs. They left themselves open to any potential solutions that would enable them to:

  1. Optimize their CAC — either sustaining or lowering costs
  2. Drive awareness and product education around their unique tech
  3. Give eager shoppers a frictionless path toward purchase and conversion

Eventually, one of Nood’s advertising partners recommended FERMÀT for their troubles.

The Solution

The Nood team decided to run a preliminary test with FERMÀT — and found impressive results. After a four-cell split test, they saw that affiliate articles with FERMÀT widgets showed a 20+% spike in CVR, leading to a 20+% lift in ROAS. From there, the team was sold.

Today, Nood loves to leverage two of FERMÀT’s content-driven commerce widgets:

  1. Direct content embeds — When a user reads an affiliate article, they can shop a curated selection of Nood products — embedded directly within the content. Effortlessly browse, add to cart, and complete your checkout without ever clicking away from the article.
  2. Graphic landing pages — Nood creates simple but beautiful landing pages with branded content as the backdrop and a curated product selection. Their team recommends driving traffic directly to it (i.e., by linking out from articles) or retargeting with it.

The Results

After partnering up with FERMÀT, the team at Nood has seen some sizable metric gains.

  • Nood’s ROAS with FERMÀT lifted 20% against their best-performing campaign.
  • Nood’s ROAS with FERMÀT was over 2x better than their average campaign.
  • When enabling FERMÀT’s widgets, Nood saw an 18% decrease in CAC.

Plus, thanks to FERMÀT’s content-embedded checkout, Bryan emphasizes that Nood can more easily convert high-intent shoppers (compared to forcing them to click through several links).

With FERMÀT’s results so far, the Nood team is beginning to scale and shift more dollars toward content-native commerce strategies. Soon enough, you’ll see a shoppable FERMÀT widget embedded in all of Nood’s blog and affiliate content throughout their funnel.