How Wrinkles Schminkles Boosted Average Order Value +26% Without Reducing CVR

increase in AOV with less than half a percent impact to CVR
increase in revenue per session on FERMÀT shopping experiences
of FERMÀT channel revenue driven by larger pack sizes

Learn how Wrinkles Schminkles increased order value with efficient ad spend, thanks to FERMÀT’s content-driven storefronts and experimentation capabilities.

“FERMÀT has been a game-changer for us. Our custom digital storefronts have helped us experiment with new pack sizes and educational content, allowing us to scale our ad spend with confidence.” ­- Gabrielle Requena, Founder at Wrinkles Schminkles


Wrinkles Schminkles is a skincare brand dedicated to developing fast-acting solutions for wrinkles through reusable silicone patches. Their FDA-approved facilities produce skincare products that visibly smooth lines and wrinkles in mere hours.


Limited resources constrained Wrinkles Schminkles’ ability to experiment

Thanks to top-performing hero products - face and body patches for men and women - Wrinkles Schminkles’ customer satisfaction was high. Still, they hoped to further gain the brand awareness needed to scale.

In the crowded skincare industry, product knowledge is paramount, but communicating complex details can bog down the customer experience. Additionally, the team needed to further test which content would actually resonate with their audience. To ensure their innovative product stood out, Wrinkles Schminkles had two internal benchmarks to meet:

  1. Convert consumers efficiently: Wrinkles Schminkles hoped to remove critical friction points from the purchase process.
  2. Increase AOV by 26%: Wrinkles Schminkles wanted greater profitability from initial orders.

The catch? They needed to do this with a lean team that had limited time and resources to devote to experimenting. That’s when Wrinkles Schminkles’ growth agency introduced them to FERMÀT.


Exclusive pack sizes for FERMÀT’s Shopify sales channel increased AOV without any modifications to Wrinkles Schminkles’ core website

By partnering with FERMÀT, Wrinkles Schminkles had the strategic support necessary to address their two biggest goals. FERMÀT’s solutions included:

  1. Larger pack sizes for hero products: Wrinkles Schminkles created new product listings in Shopify for higher priced, larger pack sizes across their hero SKUs. FERMÀT was also able to combine two different products representing different pack sizes on the same PDP, offering a seamless way for consumers to realize savings gained by buying in bulk.
  2. An exclusive FERMÀT sales channel: Wrinkles Schminkles made these products available to customers on an exclusive FERMÀT channel. Because the products weren’t live on their online store, they could test the impact across FERMÀT’s landing experiences first, before making any major site edits.
  3. Innovative experimentation: Together, the FERMÁT & Wrinkles Schminkles teams ran an experiment to measure the impact on AOV for the larger pack sizes. The test segment — 30% of the visitors to FERMÀT landing experiences — were served the larger pack size as the default option. Once both teams were confident that the experiment wasn’t heavily impacting CVR, Wrinkles Schminkles continued to scale the test group — first to 50% of traffic, then 80%, and then eventually 100%.
Wrinkles Schminkles FERMÀT Shop

Not only did FERMÀT's product and strategic implementation address Wrinkles Schminkles’ key hurdles, but it also presented customers with a much more engaging online shopping experience.


Wrinkles Schminkles increased AOV by 26% with FERMÀT

Since partnering with FERMÀT, Wrinkles Schminkles significantly increased its AOV, soaring from $62 to $80 per order. This increase validated both teams' initial hypothesis: the boost in AOV from exclusive SKUs far outweighed the tiny dip in conversions. Just check out the results:

  • 26% increase in AOV with less than half a percent impact to CVR
  • 40% of FERMÀT channel revenue driven by larger-pack sizes
  • 21% increase in revenue per session

With FERMÀT, Wrinkles Schminkles not only achieved its immediate goals but also laid the foundation for future growth. They plan to roll out the larger pack sizes to their entire website. 

“Our partnership with FERMÀT exceeded our ROAS goals and has streamlined processes for our growth agency. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen, especially how customers have resonated with the experience.”